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Comment Policy and Blog Structure

Commenting is welcome and encouraged.

I will not delete any comments unless they fall into the category of spam or illegal material. In particular, I do not intend to delete comments just for being rude and/or inflammatory, as I am against censorship and for letting peoples’ idiocy be archived.

I am not sure how I want to structure this blog. Blogging tends to be a very temporally ordered thing, but I picture a lot of my posts as being a slow “brain dump” that I will want to modify as I better understand how they tie together. As such, I am certain there will be a lot of post-publish edits and hyperlinking going on. I will try not to stealth edit, and if I edit to fix a mistake brought to my attention I will give attribution (in the edited article, or as a “thanks” reply to a comment pointing out the mistake, or both).

I see a depressingly large number of problems with the way people reason and argue in this world that I feel I need to try to address in a structured manner. I’ve spent too much time making the same arguments in comment sections, and I feel it would save me time to have a set of blog posts addressing common mistakes, fallacies, and outright lies to link to instead of having to repeat myself from scratch so often.

I operate under the illusion that by collating and addressing these fallacious arguments, I can contribute to making the world a more rational and peaceful place. It is a very thin illusion.

I look forward to others helping me develop my accuracy by politely correcting me when I make mistakes.